Funny & Creative Ideas for Snapchat Stories with Drawings

Adding fun and more creative elements into your Snapchat Stories will get your more followers and some time will get your fame or go viral. Now its all depends on how creative your are with expressing in a humorous way. Be more creative with your snapchat ideas. With your drawing skill, you can take your snaps to the next level with snapchat drawings.

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It is important to add some fun to the conversations so that they do not die or become so boring that no one wants to chat with you. In general, humorous people tend to have more friends and people like being around them.

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Snapchat is not only an interesting app to share your moments or stories in a clever way with funny drawings, it is also a particular social network. Here is the latest update that includes a number of improvements to share popular photos in a more creative way.

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If you are a novice or an advanced user, these funny ideas and drawings will be very useful:


Then to put things off and give some examples, I’ve compiled the best funny snapchat ideas so you can get some ideas going round and get an idea of ​​what you think is the most fun and best option. You can then use that idea to keep making your own snaps that are on the same level.

1. It is a remake of an old favorite that the person continues to crouch like they are on a escalator or down stairs.

2. I can not say it’s a good look, but at least it’s rocking her. Maybe she was born with him, maybe it’s Maybelline.

3. Sometimes it is a long and hard trip that you have to take for yourself. No one can help you on this trip.

4. This is awful, I just want you to punch the one that was being treated and tell them to lock it up as soon as possible.

5. Everyone likes a good magician, especially one with a huge palette of a wish. It is cast spells work hard all day.

snapchat stories

6. Why, yes, it is. This is what girls like when they listen to lying to them.

7. We all went through this stage in which we had to use keys or a retainer. Not a good look, luckily happens fast.

8. I wonder why you are so quiet, maybe you should listen more and do less playing on your phone while you are at the dinner table.

9. Long distance relationships really suck, they are so close and so far away. It was then when you tell them that you have a gift and it becomes a closer relationship rather quickly.

10. This cat has been partying a little too hard, he really needs a break. But for the beads of gold chain and dolla dolla real, nice.

11. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, which was really meant for each other. But where does your hand go, is what I want to know.

12. You have to change, in a little bit more than Doug, if you want to meet and get some girlfriends or even talk to a girl.

13. I do not even know where to start with this picture. I have no idea what Leedle is, but he’s pretty fucking funny.

14. Everyone likes a little encouragement, but I’m not so sure that he has earned a score of 51, haha. At least they are optimistic about it.

15. Everyone likes a bearded mermaid that lives “under the sea” hair full with red and a green fin. I’m impressed someone drew this on their phone.

16. This is so true, especially if you look at and see all the thousands of lunch pictures of people or other foot that they publish on Instagram and other sites. Good decision on the photo after it is finished.

17. No judgment here, do you, but you may wish to reconsider. Not only that, it’s kind of a weird little looking guy left with almost bizarre black eyes.

18. He is a true Benjamin Franklin among us. You may want to take a step away from the whole matter of electricity, however.

19. Hello, someone looks at me, I can do jazz hands! This is by far the most excited dummy I’ve ever seen.

20. Dollar bills on the strings of your guitar, not completely original, but still quite fun.

21. This is when you know you’ve made some bad closet decisions lately. You may want to swap it up a little and flip away from the tiles.

22. This is probably one of the best World Cup games I’ve ever seen. I could only see it for hours and hours.

23. There is something very disturbing about how excited they are to go to a funeral. Someone has to make some sense in them.

24. I miss the days of drive through wash tunnels, which do not seem to be so prevalent anymore. I remember having grown up that it was always fun to be able to drive through, especially when you hit the Unicorn.

25. So sad but very true. This may not be the best reference for being a father, he conceded that he was a good father, but he is a bit morbid who died in the very beginning.


Many are the brands that day to day decide to include Snapchat in their digital strategies. Their numbers are becoming more amazing time . However, as in other networks, it is difficult to make a difference and do innovative things.

1) Add Stories with Coupons & Discounts Offers

“Only today 15% buy online with the code ABC45” or “If you capture this Snap and show it in the store you have 5%”.

2) Create Intrigue about New Product Launches

Give your follower a glimpse about your product launch and make your followers to keep them engaged with your products.

3) Quick Contest

Conduct some quick contest for your followers and make people to engage with your stories to win the contest.

4) Takeovers

Take … what? A takeover means giving up the space of our Snapchat account to an influencer over a period of time to generate content for us.

Leaving others to give opinions about the products, we increase our credibility.

5) Showcase your “Behind the Scenes” Exclusively

As users we love to be protagonists, feel special and enjoy advantages. That’s why a good and simple use of Snapchat is to give exclusive followers simply by following us.

cool snapchat drawings


Next, let’s talk about how to create some of the funniest drawings in Snapchat. There are some key principles that you should keep in mind that will make everything easier and make you more likely to succeed.

In general, there are three different types of drawings for Snapchat.

  1. The first is where you take a picture of a person or a thing and change what they are making use of the person/thing.
  2. Second is adding objects (add another person, cartoon, animal or object) into the snap to make it more fun.
  3. The last type is to draw on a silly background.

best snapchat drawings

Now we gonna reveal some of the best hacks for drawing on snaps. These hacks includes secret and hidden colors to use for your drawing. Also, you could use some transparent color (Android User Only) for your drawing. Check below to know more about snapchat drawing hacks.

Draw with secret colors : You can choose a color draw and sliding the bar color of the rainbow. Check out these steps to figure out how to draw with crayon secret colors.

Draw with white : Touch the rainbow color slider and drag your finger to the upper left corner. Android users already have the white crayon built into the rainbow slider.

Draw in black : Touch the rainbow color slider and drag your finger to the bottom. Android users also have pre-loaded the black crayon.

Draw in hidden colors : Drag your finger Rainbow slider to the left or to the bottom to use colors that are not available in the palette.

Draw with a transparent color (Android only) : Press down on the slider rainbow until full color palette appears, and then select the transparent color.

Note: Before trying these hacks, Make sure you had activated advanced features on your setting.

funny snapchat drawings


Drawing on snapchat totally refers to show your creativity on your snaps with some drawing characters or sketches that portrays your creativity level to your friends and family. Be more creative and add cool things to your snaps. Below are some of the best drawings we found on social media and web.

snapchat drawings


Here are some of the best funny snapchat stories we had collected from all over the web and social media. Below stories are funny and creative. Have a look at it.

funny snapchat stories

What do you feel about these snapchat stories? Was it more funny or creative? Share your creative idea and funny snapchat drawings with us. Please feel free to comment below. We would like to hear it from you.

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