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Snapchat login / Snapchat sign in: You might be familiar with snapchat and here on this article we will love to clarify on how to login snapchat with easy steps and things you can do once your logged in to your snapchat account.

If your account is locked, you need to unlock from using snapchat online in desktop. To delete snapchat, you need to login snapchat online and process the steps as we will discuss below.

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Snapchat Login Online

Using snapchat is only available from mobile and you can control few setting options from desktop. Certain setting controls only available on desktop like., Unlocking, Deleting Snapchat account and backup your data.

Accessing snapchat from desktop will help you in many ways. But you can’t take full advantage of snapchat from desktop. Snapchat are only accessible from mobile and you need to have any of the mobile apps (android/ios).ย 

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snapchat login

Snapchat Sign up: Create Account

To sign up for snapchat, you need to create snapchat account from mobile. Before that you need to download snapchat from your mobile play store (Google play store / Apple App store)

  • Once you had downloaded and installed snapchat app on your mobile.
  • Sign up with email/phone number with password to create account.

How to Login Snapchat Online (Snapchat Sign in)

Now we will guide you on how to do snapchat sign in from desktop. Because certain actions can be done only you logged in to snapchat from desktop. We will guide you on how to do it with short steps below.

  1. Visit from your browser.
  2. Click on Account to enter your account details.
  3. Now enter your username and password
  4. Click on Login button

snapchat account

Once you had logged in, you will be able to do the following operations only from desktop.

You can perform any one of the options above and all these can be only accessed from desktop. Some of the options are also can be accessed on App.

Download Snapcode & Snapchat Data

Snapcode: If you familiar with snapchat, then you might know about snapcode. Snapcode is same like a barcode with your profile snapphoto and username. To connect with your friends on snapchat, share your snapcode with your friends and family on facebook, twitter, googleplus or SMS, Mail or any other social media platform.

  • Download Snapcode on your mobile or from desktop [Save as png/jpg]
  • Scan Snapcodes from your mobile (Android/iOS) to connect with your friends on snapchat.

Snapchat Data: When you register with snapchat and start using their services, they will be collecting certain information from you like., phone number, email and snaps you’ve shared with live stories.

Some Snapchat Data will be accessed only on mobile app and while other few data still can be accessed from snapchat web and can be backup ed. Click on “Submit Request” to download snapchat data on Desktop.

NOTE: There is a limitation on downloading data per day.

Once you had requested, They will start preparing your data copy and once they are ready it will be emailed to you at your registered email. Download Snapchat Data from your email.

snapchat data

List of information included on Snapchat Data from Desktop are.,

  • Account history & Information
  • Snap count
  • Purchase History
  • Local, Live, and Crowd-Sourced Content History and Information
  • Content and App Engagement History
  • Snapchat Support History
  • Demographic Profile

List of information included on Snapchat Data in App.,

  • Username, Email address, Phone number
  • Name, Birthday
  • Profile Picture with Snapcode
  • Snap/Stories Privacy settings
  • Friends(Contacts)
  • Snapcash Transactions
  • Blocked Friends

Create On-Demand Geofilters

On-Demand Geofilters on Snapchat is specially for people / business owners who wants to have their own special filters when ever anyone visits their location.

If you wish to create your own on-demand filters for your business location, follow our guide step-by-step and you could create within 5 minutes.

snapchat on demand filters

  1. Open On-Demand Geofilters on Snapchat
  2. Click on Create Now
  3. Based on the availability of on-demand filters on your location, you will be able to create your own filter or can use existing template to create filters.
  4. On-demand filters are not available on certain location. When you visit, it will verify your location.
  5. Pick your time and mark your map lines to apply geofilters for that location
  6. Now confirm your filter and submit filters to snapchat and will be reviewed in one business day.

Change Snapchat Account Password

To keep your account safe, Change snapchat password every 4 weeks. If you wish to change password, you need to access account from desktop/mobile.

To change password, follow the steps as follows.

snapchat change password

  1. Access and Login with username and password.
  2. Click on Change Password
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Enter your new password & re-enter your new password again
  5. Click on “Change Password” to change.

NOTE: Always remember your snapchat password. Don’t forgot it.

Delete Snapchat Account

If you had decided to close your account, follow our guide on how to delete snapchat account. Deleting Snapchat account permanently takes 30 days to completely delete your account.

Once your account is deactivated, your snapchat friends won’t be able to contact you on snapchat. If you wish to reactivate, just login to snapchat online.

Unlock Snapchat Account

We know what it feels to be stopped from using snapchat. As your account is temporarily locked, you will be prohibited from posting any updates on snapchat. If you wish to know the reason behind your lock down.

Here are some reasons for which your account is locked:

  1. Using any third-party app, plugin to access Snapchat and its services.
  2. Because of abusive behaviours like, sending spam snaps in stories/chat.
  3. Sending too many friend requests, Before verifying email/phone number.

In some cases, Snapchat team lock account temporarily and it will be unlocked automatically in 24-hours. Sometime the lock will be extended for a period of time and you need to unlock it from desktop as follows.

snapchat unlock account

  1. My Account is Locked – Unlock Now
  2. Login Snapchat , if prompted with your username and password
  3. Click on UNLOCK, to unlock your account

After you had followed the above steps, It will be unlocked immediately.

NOTE: You must stop using third-party app, plug-in before unlocking snapchat account or account might permanently locked. Also, if you wish to use third party app/ plug-in to use snapchat then few days later your account will be permanently locked and you can’t access it.

Here we are at the final wordings about how to do snapchat online login and more on what you could do from accessing snapchat online. We hope this would help you and in case if you have any issue kindly comment below.


  1. this shit is retarded like I am on my computer and like I am tryin to login on my account and it want let me can some one like help please and thank u

    1. First off you don’t need to work on a laptop because it’s not gonna work but you need to get an I-phone or android or something that’s all I can tell you for it to work.

  2. My account is locked out, tried changing password but apparently when you click on forgot password you have to know your password in order to change ????

  3. Hello My name is Cameron the Assistant for Snapchat if anyone needs help just go to snap and do your Email (@). If u have not verified your email then sorry there is nothing that Snapchat can do and Dave if u having trouble just go on my name and my name is a1_chukz. I have small views because I don’t express my self to young online snap chatters everyone go look at my stories and view them, and if I go to 216,000 ill give an new update to snapchat. Thankyou. Ps: Dave read this if your struggling on your snap. By Cameron (the supporter of snap).

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  7. Snapchat is the BEST social media ever!!!
    theres like over a million people on that’s how good its is

  8. Snapchat is the BEST social media ever!!!
    theres like over a million people on that’s how good its is

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