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Snapchat Filters & Geo Filters : How to Use on Snapchat 2017

Snapchat FiltersSnapchat App is the latest trend on social media Because of its inbuilt features includes effects and lenses. These features made teen go craze for the app. Because of high engaging user based and brands had taken this platform to the another level with adding custom geofilters on Snapchat.

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Certain things on snap chat, Makes it special. Mainly you can share your moments as storieswith your friends on Snpachat. Apart from sharing your stories publicly with friends/followers, you can also send your moments to individual conversation by sending snaps/videos.

snapchat filters

Snapchat also allows sending text messages, voice messages and video calling. Generally snap chat offers some extra things to all the basic things which other apps offer. One of the great thing about snap chat is, All your stories won’t be stored. Everything you share will be deleted within a certain time frame. User can share a snap or video only for 1 to 10 sec. All these snaps and videos will be available only for 24 hours.

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When it is introduced, It was initially released on iOS platform and targeting Apple users only. Later with its tremendous growth, it got officially released on Android in 2012. It got famous because of its, snap chat filters. Earlier, it was difficult for people to use these on snapchat.

Later once they started to use, every one came to know how to use snapchat filters as it have a mesmerizing UI interface and the lenses makes it different. Day by Day more lenses are introduced on Snap chat.

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With each update, New lenses gets updated. Snapchat Lenses are introduced to add more fun on your snaps or videos. These features are making people to use this app daily. Few teens and young adults are getting addicted, because its more engaging with snapchat dog filters and new interesting lenses are updated with the latest trend.

Because of the lens, Snap Filters became pervasive. Each one is different and suitable for different moods. These lenses are animated based on your facial expressions like., Open your mouth, Turn your head, and so on. One important thing about these is, There is no lag whenever you use these lenses it automatically detects your face with lenses.


Below filters list are available on snapchat.

    • Geo Filters
    • Data Filters
    • On-Demand Filters

Apart from these, It has more hidden filters and effects on snapchat which will be more fun to share it with your friends.


  • To get, You should enable the filter option from setting. (Enable it from: HOME – Setting – Manage Preferences – Check “Filter” Option)
  • Use latest version of the app, to enable or get it. (Update your APP from app market place)
  • Enable Location services to take advantages of more effects/lenses on snapchat.


Data filters is all about adding data values to your snap phots/videos. Generally these data values include a traveling speed of you or a vehicle in motion, current temperature, date, time and battery life. All these are not available on every time. Certain things are only available on certain conditions. For example battery data is only available when your battery level is less than 10% and more than 90%.

NOTE: Some of these data needs location services to be enabled.


To use these, Follow the below steps to enable.

    • Open Snapchat App, Click on the logo of Snapchat.
    • Click on Setting Gear button, Now Select “Manage Preferences”
    • Enable/Check “Filters” Option

As we had mentioned earlier, certain datas will be applied only on certain condition such as Battery life.


Geofilters usually refers to your current geographical location of city or place where you are actually standing now.


For using these geofilters, You need to enable the location services on your phone.

Turn Location ON, and Access Snapchat App. This will enable geofilters.


On-Demand are specially made for two types of users. For ordinary people and business people.

  1. On-Demand Filters for People: When people hangout/ party with friends, these are used to express their mood. This won’t have any brand/logos/custom made filters.
  2. On-Demand Filters for Business: These contains all information related to business like logo, brand and other info. This will help their customers to engage with them on snapchat.


These are solely depends on business who wanted to reach out to their customer. To make use of on-demand, Business owner must need to create a custom made filters for their business.

On Mobile App, there is no way to create. Owner need to visit the official website of snap chat.

  • Click on Design from the Top-right corner and select your geo filter location.
  • Basic templates will be available to pick. Scroll through the available templates. Choose fonts and designs and Click “Finish” to complete.


Filters on Snapchat not working? Don’t worry. We are gonna talk about this now. These thing could solve your problems. Check below for the solution to your problem.

  • Filter options is turned off on your advanced preferences. Make sure you had enabled these option from: HOME – Setting – Manage Preferences – Check “Filter” Option.
  • Outdated APP: Because of outdated application. Update your app from app store.
  • Because of Mobile OS: Make sure you have the recommended mobile OS. Updating your Mobile OS might help you solve this problem.

So, That’s all we have got for you on snapchat filter. We hope these information could help you with snapping snaps and videos with effects/lenses on snapchat. Share more stories and moments on snapchat with your friends.

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