How to Replay a Snap in Snapchat App

Ever wanted to know how to replay a snap without getting notified? Below we will tell you more tricks about snapchat replay and how you could replay any snap without being notified.

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Snapchat is the new social messaging platform that lets you to send videos and photos instead of text messages. One catchy thing about snapchat is, you will be allowed to view snap / videos once for certain time and then its gone for ever. Snapchat Version –, allows you to replay any snap you receive once.

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NOTE: Snapchat removed buying replays, No Option to Buy additional Replays with the latest update.

how to replay a snap on snapchat

Here is how to replay a Snapchat

  • Before checking replay on snapchat, Make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat. With the latest version you can able to replay every snaps once instead of one replay per day. This is the major update on the latest version and you can use replay for every single snaps you receive.
  • First, View any Snap you received. Before replaying any snap, you should view it first. Tap on any Snap you received to View it.
  • After Viewing Snaps, Don’t Exit Inbox page. Once you viewed any snaps. Stay on the inbox to replay the snaps once again. Once you leave inbox page, you can’t be able to replay it once again.
  • Press and Hold on the Snap after viewing to replay. You will see Snap icon with “Tap to View”. Click on this to, replay the snap.
  • You can replay all the snaps you receive a day, instead of one snaps per day. Notification will be sent when ever the user replays on snapchat.

NOTE: Replay Notification, If any user replays a snap then you will get notification on your feed with a Replay ICON next to their name.


With the recent snapchat update, Replay option is being removed and Now User will be able to replay any snaps for once a day before it expires. Earlier in snapchat app, it is necessary to enable replay option from manage preferences in snapchat setting.

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If you ever wanted to replay any snaps without getting notifications, then you should follow these steps. The best way to do this by recording a snap using a screen recording app for android or ios devices.

For Android Devices, There are some best screen recording applications available on Google Play Store. Some of them are.. Apowersoft Screen Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, and Mobizen.

replay hack on snapchat android phone

Check all these application and install it on your mobile and try to record snaps on snapchat without being notified. All these mobile applications doesn’t require any root access.

For iOS users, There is some little bit restriction when it comes to screen record on iOS devices. It is advisable to use app like Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder.

replay hack on snapchat ios iphone ipad

All your recordings will be saved directly on Computer’s hard disk. To use this app, Enable Airplay function from your mobile and connect it to the app. After successful connection, Tap Record/Screenshot to button and you’re ready to go.


Here some of the frequently asked questions on the idea of replaying a snap.

Q: Does the person get notification, when a user replay their public snap?
A: They will get notification if you replay a private snap. In case if you replay a snapchat stories, they will not be able to view who replayed.

Q: Does the person get notified, If I save their Snaps/Videos?
A: Yes, Absolutely. The respective owner of the Snaps/videos will get notified whenever a user saves or screenshot or replay the snap.

Q: How to open a Snap Messages?
A: Snap Messages are private message, Click on the sender’s icon or name to open.

Q: How do Replay a Snap?
A: Press and Hold on a Snap to view. Tap again on the snap to review it again. You can only replay a snap once after you viewed it.

That’s all… We have given a detailed tutorial on how to replay a snap. Also we have share a tip on snapchat replay without getting notified. We hope this would help you.

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