How to Deactivate / Delete Snapchat Account

How to Delete Snapchat? Perhaps this question would not make sense in the moments in which this application, which is a success among young people, is in full swing. However, the security flaws revealed on its platform are scary to more than one.

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Snapchat’s recent “sensitive imaging” leaks made it clear, but after a cyber attack, which exposed information from more than 4.6 million users, serious doubts arise about the security breaches in the application.

Currently, when you want to delete your Snapchat account, the app is not so clear and does not allow us from your mobile platform to do such an action. As many will know, it is only possible to “log out”.

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Snapchat is a fun application of ephemeral messaging was very popular last year and is still having her among the boldest of smartphones users. However, there are many users who want to know how to deactivate snapchat and want to delete snapchat stories or messages/conversation forever, we will be happy to explain it.

how to delete deactivate snapchat stories messages

As I mentioned, Snapchat had a great social impact in the mid-late last year and was a great revolution among users of Android and IOS , especially among the young. With Snapchat sending funny and even committed photos was very simple and fast, while safe, since we knew that whatever we sent to our contacts, the messages would “self-destroyed/deleted” and no one could see them again.

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However, today there are many users who no longer use the popular messaging service and do not want to know anything else about Snapchat. That’s why they want to erase or deactivate snapchat forever, but do not know how. Fortunately, in this article we will explain step by step how to delete a Snapchat account quickly and easily in less than 5 minutes, are you prepared?

Some reasons for Deleting Snapchat Account:

Several could be the reasons why a user decides to permanently deactivate account in this popular application. We cite some of them:

I get bored : Boredom in Snapchat is totally understandable and that most often leads to removed from the account. It can happen because of the lack of friends, lack of time to check the updates of the stories or because friends do not publish interesting things.

It consumes a lot of data : It is true that application updates are mostly multimedia content, which would normally consume greatly quota data of the operator. It is preferable to use wifi.

Few friends use it : Often known very few people use the application, reason that leads to want to delete the account.


Before deleting you account, it is necessary to delete snapchat messages/conversations and all your stories published on your snapchat account.

Below steps will help you to delete snapchat stories from your account.

  1. Open Snapchat app.
  2. Swipe right to left to “Show My Stories”
  3. Under “My Story”, You will see list of stories that you published.
  4. Now select any story and click on delete icon.
  5. A confirmation will be prompted and once you click “Delete”, your story will be deleted forever.

Below steps will help you to delete snapchat messages/conversation(saved).

  1. Open Snapchat App and Click on little Ghost icon.
  2. Now click on Setting gear icon. A setting page will be shown.
  3. After that navigate to “Account Actions”.
  4. Click on “Clear Conversation”, will list all your conversations with your contacts.
  5. Tap “Clear All” to delete all conversation or Click on [X] on specific conversation to delete.

Clear Browser/Memories Cache.

  1. Open Snapchat App and Click on little Ghost icon.
  2. Now click on Setting gear icon. A setting page will be shown.
  3. After that navigate to “Account Actions”.
  4. Click on “Clear Cache” to clear your browser/memories cache.
  5. Now tap “Clear Browser Cache” to erase browser cache on snapchat
  6. Now tap “Clear Memories Cache” to erase memories cache on snapchat that takes more space and you can free some space in snapchat with this option

Delete Saved Snapchat Messages.

Saving things and important messages on snapchat is a good and nice feature. With this you will be able to access the saved message anytime. Sometimes you might want to deleted those saved messages to in order to do so, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your saved messages and Click each messages to unsave.
  2. After this, Delete the conversation to clear all the saved messages.


Here is a detailed steps on how to delete snapchat account. You have to follow from any web browser that you may have within your reach , it can be from a computer or even from your own smartphone, whether Android, iOS or Windows Phone, all are compatible with the below steps.

Follow these steps for deleting snapchat account

  1. Go to this web url –
  2. Enter your username and password of your snapchat account.
  3. Click on “I’m not a Robot” to verify you’re a human.
  4. Now again, Click on “Delete My Account”. You need to verify your password again.
  5. Enter your password again to delete a snapshot account.

how to delete snapchat account, deactivate snapchat

Easy, right? Well, just worth remembering that once we deleted our snapchat accountdefinitively following the above procedure will be no turning back. Once you had requested for snapchat delete account, you account will be temporarily deactivated. If you every want to use the service later, later you could reactive snapchat account with your login credentials.


  1. I am having problems with my daughter getting ahold of people and sneaking out of the house I need to delete her acct so she no longer has these contacts. I do not know her password just her user name, can I still this, please help

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